Rory Donnelly pursues music composition and the moving image with enthusiasm and zeal for the magic interrelationship between them. No score gets past his keen listening without interpretation; no image passes his eyes without filling his head with music to match. His greatest joy is collaboration with other creative people to realize an idea to completion.

Growing up in rural New England compelled Rory to take opportunities to perform, score and arrange whenever they arose. He has played pit for rock musicals, subbed for professional swing bands, played festivals and scored for a Best Student Film awarded short. Building on his solid foundation in jazz percussion and music theory, he studied percussion, piano and Instrumental Composition at McNally-Smith College of Music in St. Paul, MN. Currently he’s completing his Bachelor’s degree through Berklee College of Music, in Music Composition for Film, TV and Games. He aspires to create auditory landscapes and emotional themes for all styles of visual media on a grand scale. 

Rory is actively seeking an internship as well as animators and filmmakers to co-create new and exciting projects. He is adept at arrangement, scoring for media and film editing. Rory is equally at home deferring to and supporting someone else’s vision or offering up his own unique ideas.

Link to Resume

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